FINALLY! A beverage cooler that fits both cans and bottles AND keeps your drink cold until the last sip. 

Fits ALL popular cans and bottles
Patented insulation technology
Machine-washable and virtually indestructible
Sweat-proof (no more water stains!)
Feather light, flexible and comfortable







$59.85  $49.95


“It’s like having a mini-refrigerator. This actually keeps my drink cold!”

The Only Cooler That Fits All Your Drinks.



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The Most Highly Engineered Cooler On The Market

Why settle for cheap plastic? Monster Coolers® are made with patented foam! As a matter of fact - we have over 6 patents on our best-selling coolers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Burton T Frey Sr
Monster Cooler

AAAAAAAAAAAA11111111 Great!

Barb Barthelemy
Summer colors

Love Monster Coolers saving new colors for gifts have all the colors now

Les Packard

Those things are freaking amazing should have bought them years ago

Jonathan Brooks
The best got better!

I’ve had monster coolers since day one launch, ordered a bunch as promotional products and given many as gifts! People are forever your friends if you give them one. I play music and need my drinks to stay cold for an hour set at a time. These always do the job, even in Florida heat. The updated design fits even better, looks slick and keeps drinks ice cold! I just gave a a couple to my mechanic and he gave me a ride home to wait and delivered my fixed car. He’s a nice guy, but i’m sure it’s the monster cooler that got me that royal treatment. They last forever, so you only need one…but buy as many as you can!! For guests, for gifts…one for the car, couple for the house…It’s a conversation starter at bars, but mostly it just rocks!!! Cold drinks? YES! The last koozie I will ever own!!!

Glen G
Best KOOZIES for fishing!

Not only do they float even with a bottle still in position, you can clean the fish and bait funk off of them easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

How it all started

It was a hot summer day. My uncle Tom faced the worst thing imaginable a cold 12-pack of beer, a broken refrigerator and the end of a long day of work.
As the beers began to sweat, Tom went to work. A crab trap buoy and a whittling knife furiously working in the hands of Tom became the first Monster Cooler.

Over the years, friends commented on the unique design and unparalleled efficiency in keep beverages cold. Tom knew he had something on his hands so, he called upon me to help usher the Monster Cooler into the hands of the masses.

We look forward to your feedback and seeing how the Monster Cooler has made drinking more pleasurable for you.

- Jeff Beggins

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