Production Tooling is in process! Exciting times!

Hi Team Monster!

I am happy to announce that the additional Production Tools are being made as I type. As soon I as receive updates to the timing you will be the first to know! The process is they finish the first production tool, send me the samples to ensure all is perfect (I will post pictures when I receive them), then they finish the other tools and start production!

Also what is happening at the same time is additional retail locations are being added while our college licensing is in the works! How great will it be to be able to order additional Monsters with your favorite sports team logo on YOUR monster!?

People are reaching out to want to put their little league and high school team logos on them as well as wanting to place large orders for Holiday presents! These are very exciting times and we can not thank YOU enough for backing our vision. We will keep you posted every step of the way. Please feel free to reach out anytime with any comments, or ideas! Thank you TEAM MONSTER!


Jeff Beggins

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