What TeamMonster has to say


"Everyone.. listen! As a Kickstarter backer of this product, I really did not know what to expect. I figured just another “koolie”?/ Well i am so happy to report I just received mine and Ultra Wow!!!! This product is nothing; Nada; Zero like the junk we have all had for years. It is quality number ONE!! UNBELIEVABLE! I wish now I had invested more in the onset. But I will purchase more at regular retail because it is that good..." 

Tom M.


"I usually don’t post reviews, but the customer service from them is AMAZING and they are so plugged in. The Monster Cooler...well let’s just say it is awesome. It fits every adult beverage bottle and can I have thrown at it so far and it keeps my drinks cold beyond my expectations and no cold/wet hand. If you think this is just another coozie, think again. It really is a great product and I can’t wait for college football tailgating to start next week and to show off my Monster Cooler to all of my fellow Bearcats!

Superior product and Jeff is top notch!"

Todd G.


"...The cooler itself met all of my expectations: cooled cans, bottles, all of which stayed chill for the majority of the day (5-6 hours with the sun out, mix of indoors, outdoors, in car). I even used it on some fast food drinks, and it kept them cool nicely as well (for a good 3-4 hours at least, ice still present). Not to mention that it’s been getting progressively hotter where I’m at, and the cooler handled the heat like a champ. Great stuff!"

 John K.




"Thank you so much for the follow up on the coolers! It has been a long time since I’ve seen anything new in the can cooler category. Your product is really unique, and better yet, it really works. I tested it in my car, leaving a cold soda in it for 5 hours on a 102 degress day. It was still pretty cool. Very impressive!"

Wallis W.

"Amazing product. This is a must own for all beer lovers!!!"

Bob R.


"Just received my monster cooler last night..... sitting by the fire with a cold bottle...it was cold till the last drop! Well worth the wait!"

Zackary B.

"Loving our #monstercooler"

Ashley G


"Got mine today! Great product. Very high quality and well made. I highly recommend these to everyone."

Herb J

"Perfect for a cruise to the Bahamas...friend is borrowing one.. I get the feeling I may never see it again.."

Jonathan B.


"It really does work as advertised! The drinks are kept cold and my hands warm and not wet from condensation. Great product."



"These are awesome. Not only do they keep your beverage super cold, but they also feel good in your hand. I really like the fact that one cooler will handle bottles and cans."

John E.


"My friend and I both dig them; for me I dig it because I have large hands and it makes gripping a glass bottle a lot easier, and a lot less cold! Alas, it doesn’t seem to fit 20 ounce plastic soda bottles, they’re just too wide at the top!"

David L.


"After trying it out, I was blown away by how cool (literally) the product is. I will spread the word like the plague."

Adam C.


Got mine yesterday. Looks great and works fantastic. Thank you. Cheers!


Got mine today. Awesome product! Great job!

Herb J.


I just wanted to thank you here to let all of the other backers know what a fantastic, stand up business man you truly are!! I look forward to many years of ICE COLD beverage using the Monster Coolers!!

Thank you! 

Steve D.

These are amazing people! Paid for one and received it right away. I now need another one :) thanks for your great customer service!

Angelica W.


Wow, I am continually blown away by your customer service. I was pleasantly surprised to see a package from you this afternoon and I’m currently enjoying an ice cold beverage thanks to the Monster Cooler

Leo K.

I love the scene where a car runs over this! That is unbelievable!

Phil K.


The difference between a regular koozie and the Monster Cooler is that while a regular koozie is great at keeping your hands warm, the Monster Cooler actually keeps your drink cold. I was curious as to how well the Monster Cooler would truly work, so I tried it out with dinner the night that it arrived. It honestly kept my bottle ice cold for over an hour. Not cool. Cold! Imagine being asked to winter formal by the prettiest girl in school, only to be stood up outside your house in front of your family. That’s exactly how cold it was! YOU BROKE MY HEART SHELIA!
It’s also a great conversation starter, as everyone I saw asked me what I was using. The Monster Cooler itself is sturdy and well-constructed, and it snugly fits around all sides of the bottle or can preventing you from losing condensation or leaving a ring on the table. Take a hike, expensive decorative coffee table coasters!
The Monster Cooler is definitely worth the investment for anyone who regularly tailgates or has backyard get-togethers. I’m very excited to try it out during tailgate season to keep my beer...I mean nutritious fruit juice...ice cold! Great product from a team that really put an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction! Good work!

Adam P.

You aren’t fooling!!! I’ve ordered 5 so far....more soon....I love this koozie!!! I’m a musician and it keeps my beer cold during my long sets!!! Plus , I live in Florida, so it’s by the pool, next to the grill, on the boat!!! So happy these guys followed through with this idea!!! A homerun!!!!