The Monster Story


 To say the Monster Cooler® is the most shining example of perseverance you’ve ever heard of would be an understatement. Even it’s genesis began when one man (Tom Beggins) faced the worst thing we can imagine, a cold 12-pack of beer, a broken refrigerator and the end of a long hot day of work.
As the beers began to sweat, Tom went to work. In a mix of ingenuity and perseverance, a crab trap buoy and a whittling knife furiously working in the hands of Tom became the first Monster Cooler®. Over the years, friends commented on the unique design and unparalleled efficiency in keep beverages cold. Tom knew he had something on his hands so, he called upon his nephew (Jeff Beggins) to help usher the Monster Cooler® into the hands of the masses. Years later, the design is pretty similar yet vastly improved. The material is state of the art and the design is engineered to perfection with 5 utility patents, 1 design patent & 6 trademarks, plus European and International patents.

The very first MONSTER COOLER


The Monster Cooler is the most versatile, highly engineered, lightweight, indestructible, soft, comfy feeling and most insulating beverage coozie EVER made. The Monster Cooler® fits the most popular sizes of BOTH cans and bottles ensuring that your last sip is as pleasurable as your first sip. One Monster Cooler® does it all as your take anywhere, never leave home without it beverage cooler. 



All of us hope you truly enjoy the Monster Cooler®. Please share our story and product with your friends while encouraging them to buy some! We look forward to your feedback and seeing how the Monster Cooler® has made drinking more pleasurable for you.

Stay tuned as we bring out new variations to the marketplace as we do our part to continue making drinking more pleasurable.
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Jeff Beggins

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