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The Fascinating World Of MONSTERCOOLER®

The MONSTER COOLER ® (Lat. MONSTRUM POCULUMis part of the breed of KEEPUS COLDUS or short KEEDUS m.n. It mostly prefers to inhabit tropical climate with sandy or rocky shores where it takes advantage of easy access to land and water. Rare sightings let us believe that it roams as an individual or in larger packs of 6 up to 24.

The main captured MONSTRUM POCULUM are stallions since their thicker skin is favored in temperature regulation and their comparable little brain makes them an easy target.
Capturing MONSTRUM POCULUA mare is inherently difficult and not advised since their hormonal makeshift extrudes toxic properties in self defense.



Paradoxical to its appearance MONSTRUM POCULUM are very lightweight. Its endomorphic body, little legs and unfit aerodynamic seem contradictory to its weight, but with only 4 oz they get more economical the more heavily loaded they are, which doesn’t make any sense in terms of energetics. But here we are!

They have been documented to carry up to 4 times their body weight and love doing so. Their thermo regulating EVA blubber skin has low thermal conductivity and has been found to not only be unique in the world of KEEDUS m.n’s but also quite unique to be found anywhere in our solar system.

They are incredibly strong swimmers, with powerful webbed feet, and have been known to hunt in long stretches of water.



No hunting license or permit is required. MONSTRUM POCULUM is the only known species to be hunted year around.
Some retailers have created habitats with perfect uniform environmental conditions and allow for easy hunting.
There is a debate about unique colored MONSTERS spotted during the spring and summer months but has not been
confirmed on a yearly basis. *Based on newest information the colors are a result of controlled breeding attempts but only result in a low number of “off colors” without reproduction abilities.
The MONSTRUM POCULUM has no natural enemy because of its strength and indestructible blubber skin.
If you need informations on hunting zones or closer description contact our MONSTRUM POCULUM Management unit under



Once tamed it prefers the attention of one single individual (n.b. attachment raising ) but enjoys people and large crowds once it establishes a secure connection to its human. It’s wise and advised to keep an close eye on your MOSTER. Due to its extreme popularity kidnappings and hold for ransom have been reported.
MONSTRUM POCULUMs are mostly self-sufficient when it comes to hygiene, their human companions have an easy role in helping them stay clean and healthy.



The goal is to raise the stallion MONSTRUM POCULUM catch number. Implementing the raising of the male MONSTRUM POCULUM catch number is one of the best way to keep a healthy breeding female population. Once reaching maturity removing stallions out of their natural habitat improves MONSTRUM POCULUA supply since male stallions tend to kill the existing young once they reach adolescence