October Tooling/Production Update

Hi Team Monster! 

Here is the up to the minute update. As you know, the tooling process is not fast but fortunately our tools are aluminum and not steel so it takes 4-6 weeks instead of many months... The first NEW tool is almost finished and there will be a few samples overnighted to me for approval in the next several days. Once I approve the fit, feel and function then the texture is added to the tool and the final sample is overnighted to me for final approval.  The other 2 tools will then be cut and full production will begin and shipping will occur. 

The manufacturer already has ONE of our production tools as you know and and didn't want to start production until all 4 were ready, I have asked the manufacturer (VERY NICELY)  to fast track some production with the first tool to get your Monster in your hands very quickly so you don't have to wait on the finishing of the other tools.  They told me that I will have a response in the next week. This will be awesome if we can get them to do this for us. Here is a picture of the tool so you can see the process. The cool thing about this process is the mold is actually 60% of the size of the Final Monster! The Foam gets injected and then heated and the Monster actually POPS out of the mold 125% the final size and then COOLS down into it's FINAL size. How's THAT for a COOL process. It takes a little longer for production with all of the required precision but you deserve the very best! 

 Have a great weekend and I will write back as soon as they get back to me! 


Jeff Beggins

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