Early November update! Great news!

Hi Team Monster. 

Great news...! As we hoped, the factory agreed to start production of the Monster Coolers from our existing production tool! What this mean to you is a MASSIVE time savings as you do not have to wait for the sample approvals and the finishing process from the additional tools being made. The factory has begun the manufacturing process after we sent over the Purchase Order based on the survey answers from those backers who had a color choice. 

The manufacturer told me today that they will send me an expected ship date later this week. I will send another update as soon as received. 

I apologize that we were not able to make our October shipping date please know we are doing the best we can and working as fast as humanly possible. I thank you for your understanding and patience and we are very excited to get YOUR Monster Cooler in your hands! We are making amazing strides with additional retailers and have added a few more stores for next year...but...for now...it's all about YOU and getting your Monsters to YOU! 

Talk with you soon, Cheers!

Jeff Beggins

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