Neck hole
  •  sized to fit most bottles
    (small stubby ones to typical longnecks to tall pints to wide mouth pints)
  • sized perfectly to fit cans and bottles of your favorite beverages
  • rests minimalistically on shoulder of the drink bottle to minimize area touched that creates heat transfer
  • air locking seal traps cold air
Friction fit receptor lip
  • tapered for tight entry
  • anti-slip overhang feature to ensure no disconnect of top and bottom
  • no leakage of condensation
Exterior cone 
  • (friction fit safety catch)
  • tapered for easy insertion 
  • double air lock seal
  • insulative air cushion 
  • secures top and bottom together 
  • recessed curvature to ensure stable footing on boats, golf carts etc
”Comfort grip” fins
  • holds a variety of can girth 
  • flexes to adjust to can sizes 

Side Tapers
  • reduces weight and size 
  • creates more comfort
  • easy to hold